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Project Volunteering and Recruitment Post

Finally, the first project volunteering post! After much deliberation, I'm going with option one (as seen here), though I'm still willing to do option two on a group-by-group basis if you feel you need a looming authority figure to help you get your work done ;)

Description of job goes here.

You scan pages of raw manga for people to clean and translate. In some projects, depending on the number of people working on them, this may also involve some minor cleaning (steps A and B, mostly).

You translate what the characters are saying/thinking/doing (and sometimes sound effects if you can) and type it up for someone to put in later. This can be as generalized as “translate everything in this series” to “just translate what people are saying/just translate the sound effects” depending on a number of things, including skill level and the number of people working on the project.

You basically take the raw scans and make them look pretty. This can involve:
a) Changing the angle of the picture so it’s the right way up (don’t worry if it’s less than, say, one or two degrees off);
b) Making sure the pages are the right color/contrast level (instead of being yellow or blue or too dark, for example);
c) Those little specks of ink (or not-ink) that are in the wrong places? You clean those up, make the overall tone more uniform;
d) This sometimes also includes removing text and sound effects, but not always.

Editing is a pretty ambiguous word in the scanlating world from what I can tell. At the very least it involves making clean transitions of two-page spreads and re-drawing/covering up anything that was erased to remove text. It can also involve pretty much everything that’s listed in Cleaning in addition to adding text later and checking grammar and translation, depending on how many people are working on a given project.

Typesetting/Text Layout/That Thing Where You Put Words into Bubbles:
I figure that last title is fairly self-explanatory. Basically, you take the text that the translators have given you and put it in the bubbles (or boxes or backgrounds or whatever, depending on what’s appropriate) of the pages the cleaners/editors give you. This sometimes also includes making the English flow better/sound more natural.

Quality Checkers/Proofreaders:
It’s your job to make sure that the final product is up to standards. Check the grammar, make sure that the sentences flow right in English and sound natural, double-check analogies and turns of phrase to find out if they have English equivalents, make sure the right text is in the right bubble and that it makes sense to read, watch out for anything untranslated or uncleaned/unedited. If/when you find stuff, send it back where it came from to get it fixed, then look over it again – or fix it yourself if you have the resources. Basically, you’re the scanlation beta-readers. Hopefully it won’t need more than one beta-ing to get the job done ;)

For each project, I think it would probably be most efficient to have at least a Scanner, a Translator and an Editor, with the Scanner and Editor splitting the Cleaning job between them. Yes, one person can do two or all three jobs if you’re up to it, but don’t feel the need to turn down help if it’s offered; this is a scanlating community after all ;) We can also split jobs into the five seen up there and share them if more than five people want to work on the same project, but don’t let the group get so big that it becomes cumbersome. Cleaning would probably be the easiest job to split up, but just about anything could probably work if it's split by pages.

How to get started with a project:
Reply to this post with the name of your project in the subject line and the medium (comic, doujin, novel). If it's a doujinshi, please specify the fandom (the title of the doujinshi is not always necessary in this case).
In the main body of the comment, please share the following information: a brief summary of the project (when possible); what you can bring to the project (scans, jobs, etc); what you need for the project; whether it's being scanlated by another group (to the best of your knowledge - other people can help with this) and, if so, whether you're comfortable approaching the group about a joint/parallel project or if you'd prefer I/someone else do it - or even if you'd like to forgo us approaching the group all together and just make this an underground release.

Volunteers, either reply to project comments that you think look fun with what you're willing to do, or if you don't see anything you like/are indecisive, reply to the post with "Looking for a ____ job" in the subject line and your interests/preferences (in jobs and in projects) in the body. People in charge of/volunteering for different projects can reply to this comment and try to 'recruit' you.

If you prefer to work with deadlines, please include an estimate of how quickly or slowly you are likely to work in the body of your comment, and I'll do my best to come up with something fair. I'm hoping the minimum will be something like one page a day, but I understand if other things come up (RL, CFUD, etc).

When you finish with what you've been assigned, pass it on to the next person in your group - by e-mail, uploading service, comment, whatever. You can even make a post about it here, though again I ask that you keep all downloadable media locked.

When your group finishes a chapter or an entire project, make a post with the finished product here (again, locked please). Posts to share at campersfuckoff are also encouraged, though I'm also willing to do monthly posts there with our releases instead/in addition. For sharing anywhere else, please check the guidelines.

After this post, when you want to start a new project, make a recruitment post in the comm with the same information listed above. Ditto if you are a new volunteer/want to volunteer for a new (to you) project. I'm unlikely to do another big recruitment/volunteering post unless we get a wave of new people or people finishing up/branching out at a given time.

And I think that's everything. Now, let's get these projects started!
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I still do need help about details (someone who's done this job, could you tell me about fonts to use, size to resize to, as well as quality to save at), but once I know all that I'm good to go. It'll probably be good to standardize all these.

I prefer working with deadlines so that I know what are expectations like, and the rate at which I can work at will vary, due to school/rl. It really depends on circumstances, but I will probably be able to give you a rough estimate when you ask. As for now, I'm free till the end of next week, and will probably be able to do a decent amount of work for the month after that.

I'd also prefer to not work on porn. Ahaha.
Tales of the Abyss is the manga retelling of the vastly awesome PS2 game. It currently has the first two volumes out, about fifteen chapters, with the third volume due in a month or so. Given the current pace of the manga I guestimate it will go on for perhaps ten to twelve volumes.

The ToA manga has a loose but very cute art style. You can see some scans here. It usually lacks furigana, but seems to have them now and then, so my guess is it's set at a certain readership level and only applies the furigana where the editors think it's necessary.

TECHNICALLY all I need is a translator. I'm invested enough in the idea that I'm willing to do all of the rest of the work on my own if necessary. But that said? I'd adore any help offered, because it's a lot of work.

At the very least, I will definitely scan, clean and edit all images. Working one chapter at a time would be nice, and I'm not in a giant hurry so pacing things is alright by me.
I could probably handle translating that? I can't really do anything with the scanning or the editing due to my complete lack of graphics-fu, but translation I'm good for.
Aviy loev Buffy long time ♥ ♥ ♥

You're majoring in Japanese stuff right? Do you get extra credit with your profs if you tell them you're helping in translating projects on the side?
I can't translate things, but I am willing to help out with the other parts. The rate I'd be able to work at is a bit indeterminate at the time, but I can lend a hand, at the very least.
Can you gimmie an email I can reach you at? When I've got the scans done (probably this weekend?) I'll contact you with dividing up the work <3 <3
I'd love to help, if it's okay. I could take a shot at typesetting, and I'm definitely up for QC work if necessary. Plus I know the canon ♥ 8D
Currently being scanned by Kuu. They're running an average of a little less than a month behind releases and about 20 chapters behind and falling. They are having staff problems, but are only looking for experienced full time cleaners and translators, testing required.

So, I don't mind going to ask permission to run alongside, or whatnot? Or just doing an underground just for CFUD with no stress and deadlines.

All raw scans of the manga are here. They tend to be generally clear, normal reading sized scans with furigana. They do require cleaning, redrawing work and sometimes spread editing.

I'm more than happy to handle all of the above and typesetting.

We need translators, other cleaners if people are willing.

We would be starting on chapter 147. If there is interest?

Also, for people interested in cleaning and editing, the guides here are awesomeness.
Withdrawing because of a speed jump and actual, holy shit, competition for the series! Please move along! If needed I will happily clean and typeset for another series!
Thanks for the update; I'll edit the post to reflect that :3b
I can't say I have lots of professional experience cleaning scans for manga projects or anything, but I've done a lot of it for myself-- for icons and stuff, of course. Redrawing entire panels of manga from a bad scan is something I unfortunately have to do a lot ;;. But yeah, I'd be glad to help with that sort of thing to the best of my ability!

I don't know if I'd be able to handle more than one project at a time, though we'll see how it goes for now? Like Toph said, I feel working with deadlines is easier, too. I think that's everything 8D?
I did some translation work a couple years ago, but the group I was with has since disbanded. I'm willing to take on most series, but I'm slow due to my work schedule and stuff--so if anyone else wants to take on a project I'm working on? Go for it. It won't hurt my feelings. |D

Other than that, I'm up for quality checking/proofreading.
I SWEAR I'M NOT STALKING PEOPLE but if you're still interested in doing translation work, would you be willing to translate Nabari no Ou? As a note, the manga uses furigana and the scans I've got are super clean, so all that's needed is someone to tell us what they're saying?

I wrote up more information in a comment further down if you'd be interested.
I'm willing. Send me the raw scans and I'll start translating. If we're starting on chapter four, I need to see the first three chapters so I know how others have translated it and such.


9 years ago

Will work on any sort of project!

Like the others said, I like working with deadlines, and am generally pretty quick with photo editing and scan cleaning. I've redrawn portions of panels before. For examples look at Io's icons (abusive_beauty)... a good number of her icons were from grey or splotchy scans, or had speech bubbles blocking her face, etc.
What Toph said about setting up standard fonts/sizes/file quality/etc. looked like a really good idea to me.

I work best with deadlines that are fairly ahead of time -- I can get work done, but my rate of working can vary pretty widely within short periods of time. Especially at the current time, I don't really know how productive I'll be able to be from day to day, even if I am free.

Also, because of my slow internet connection, I can't do (upload/download/whatever) large volumes in short periods of time. So large zip files or what have you really aren't a very practical option for me; hopefully, it won't be too much of a bother for people to have a link in the pass-it-on chain that uploads/downloads things in smaller chunks.
SUP so. I have here two Okage: Shadow King doujinshi. They are both completely worksafe, and if not completely gen then very very light shonen ai. So light I'm not even sure or I'm in denial.

Afterwards is a doujinshi with several short stories in it that all appear to be completely gen. I already have scans of this one.

Gear has instead one long story that spans the whole doujinshi. It is either gen or very light Epros/Ari in which case I am ashamed to own it. Though it might still be gen! I think the dialogue, which I can't read, is the key on that. This one is not yet scanned but I plan to do that soon anyway.

In either case, I will scan and clean up pages. If nobody else wants to, I can also do all that editing/anything that isn't translating--but I figure we have lots of other people willing to do those jobs, so. (Also it would be less work for me. XDb ) But what's needed most is a translator, yeah. |Db

Nabari no Ou follows the story of a modern-day boy who finds himself being stalked by modern-day ninjas who want the little girl living inside of his body. It's an ongoing series with six volumes out, as far as I know.

I currently have the first 5 volumes raw and scanned in slashislove, I think. At least, that's the person who uploaded the raws. There's a little bit of level adjusting needed on each page and the pages need to be separated, but for the most part they've been beautifully cleaned by whoever their scanner is, so all that's needed is a translator and typesetter. I can do the typesetting myself too, but help would be greatly appreciated.

Nabari no Ou was (is?) being scanlated by Timcanpi, who currently has out three chapters, as far as I know of. It looks like they're concentrating most of their efforts on catching up with the D.Gray-man manga though, since there hasn't been an update for Nabari no Ou since... October? I spotted a comment on a Nabari no Ou LJ comm that they have no problems with someone else picking up the project though, so we should be clear to go.
Being me, I have all of it and will do the vast majority of the work. Actually, I'd like to do as much of it as possible.

That's right, kids. Despite the fact that Excel Saga is notoriously difficult to translate and I can count the number of people in CFUD who read it on my fingers, I need translation. My basic plan was (is) to harass Kohaku until he acquiesces (ilu baby), but any additional/consensual translational help is more than appreciated. (HA-CHAN, I AM VOLUNTEERING YOU IF YOU DO NOT VOLUNTEER YOURSELF.)

I want to try and start with volume 16, even though it's coming out in English in September (July, according to the editor, but I'm not holding my breath). I mean, I don't really want to miss any plot points, now that the series has plot points. Anyway, I already have a scan that's good enough to translate, and I can rescan where necessary when editing.
It will probably make me slam my head against the wall a lot but SURE, WHY NOT. :D
Three years of Japanese class in a crazy school system that makes that about equal to five or six years of a Japanese class anywhere else. I'm a horrible procrastinator, though, so deadlines will help.
Would you be interested in picking up the translating for Nabari no Ou? I posted up most of the information about the series in an earlier comment, but something I forgot to mention as that the manga uses furigana, if that makes a difference or not for your translating.
I like deadlines. I procrastinate horribly without them. (As evidenced by my other stuff, uh.) I'll take anything; I don't get squicked easily, so. Y-yeah, uh.

If someone tells me how to do cleaning, I could try? But. like I said. I have no idea how to go about doing it I fail at figuring out Photoshop and stuff. xD;
The title pretty much covers it. It's the story of Kino traveling to different countries, spending three days in each country. It's a philosophical and introspective series covering anything from the price of war to what it means to be an adult. Hopefully more canon for Shizu and Riku makes them more likely to be apped. \o/

The first volume is out in English with the second volume's release looking more and more unlikely. (Damn you, Tokyopop.) I can type/scan the entire project and take care of editing/cleaning up the illustrations that come with it.