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First official scan reminder post

O wow late >_< For the record, I have so much respect for every one of you who's been playing a character longer than I have now.

Okay, we're going to make this the first official nagging/reminder post: get back to work on those scans already! I know that Counselor apps are coming up, but you can still work on these while you're waiting to hear back from your betas or something. It'll help fill/pass time?

For those who want deadlines, you can either work something out with your group, try for a minimum of one page a day, or aim for one chapter/section (30 pages or so?) every three weeks. You can add another week for chapters/sections that are longer, or just split them into parts.

That said, we've still got a bunch of people willing to volunteer and a number of projects that need staff, so you're all encouraged to go latch onto people! And yes, you can work on more than one project at once, just try to keep your limitations in mind. It's also not too late to either sign up to volunteer or to recruit people. You can do that either in this post or the sign-up post linked above. If we still have people without jobs or staff next week, I'll probably assign them around arbitrarily.

Drop me a line if you want me to contact a group about a joint/parallel project.

Reminder posts will be more regular in the future, rly, I promise.
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