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Project Volunteering and Recruitment Post

Finally, the first project volunteering post! After much deliberation, I'm going with option one (as seen here), though I'm still willing to do option two on a group-by-group basis if you feel you need a looming authority figure to help you get your work done ;)

Description of job goes here.

You scan pages of raw manga for people to clean and translate. In some projects, depending on the number of people working on them, this may also involve some minor cleaning (steps A and B, mostly).

You translate what the characters are saying/thinking/doing (and sometimes sound effects if you can) and type it up for someone to put in later. This can be as generalized as “translate everything in this series” to “just translate what people are saying/just translate the sound effects” depending on a number of things, including skill level and the number of people working on the project.

You basically take the raw scans and make them look pretty. This can involve:
a) Changing the angle of the picture so it’s the right way up (don’t worry if it’s less than, say, one or two degrees off);
b) Making sure the pages are the right color/contrast level (instead of being yellow or blue or too dark, for example);
c) Those little specks of ink (or not-ink) that are in the wrong places? You clean those up, make the overall tone more uniform;
d) This sometimes also includes removing text and sound effects, but not always.

Editing is a pretty ambiguous word in the scanlating world from what I can tell. At the very least it involves making clean transitions of two-page spreads and re-drawing/covering up anything that was erased to remove text. It can also involve pretty much everything that’s listed in Cleaning in addition to adding text later and checking grammar and translation, depending on how many people are working on a given project.

Typesetting/Text Layout/That Thing Where You Put Words into Bubbles:
I figure that last title is fairly self-explanatory. Basically, you take the text that the translators have given you and put it in the bubbles (or boxes or backgrounds or whatever, depending on what’s appropriate) of the pages the cleaners/editors give you. This sometimes also includes making the English flow better/sound more natural.

Quality Checkers/Proofreaders:
It’s your job to make sure that the final product is up to standards. Check the grammar, make sure that the sentences flow right in English and sound natural, double-check analogies and turns of phrase to find out if they have English equivalents, make sure the right text is in the right bubble and that it makes sense to read, watch out for anything untranslated or uncleaned/unedited. If/when you find stuff, send it back where it came from to get it fixed, then look over it again – or fix it yourself if you have the resources. Basically, you’re the scanlation beta-readers. Hopefully it won’t need more than one beta-ing to get the job done ;)

For each project, I think it would probably be most efficient to have at least a Scanner, a Translator and an Editor, with the Scanner and Editor splitting the Cleaning job between them. Yes, one person can do two or all three jobs if you’re up to it, but don’t feel the need to turn down help if it’s offered; this is a scanlating community after all ;) We can also split jobs into the five seen up there and share them if more than five people want to work on the same project, but don’t let the group get so big that it becomes cumbersome. Cleaning would probably be the easiest job to split up, but just about anything could probably work if it's split by pages.

How to get started with a project:
Reply to this post with the name of your project in the subject line and the medium (comic, doujin, novel). If it's a doujinshi, please specify the fandom (the title of the doujinshi is not always necessary in this case).
In the main body of the comment, please share the following information: a brief summary of the project (when possible); what you can bring to the project (scans, jobs, etc); what you need for the project; whether it's being scanlated by another group (to the best of your knowledge - other people can help with this) and, if so, whether you're comfortable approaching the group about a joint/parallel project or if you'd prefer I/someone else do it - or even if you'd like to forgo us approaching the group all together and just make this an underground release.

Volunteers, either reply to project comments that you think look fun with what you're willing to do, or if you don't see anything you like/are indecisive, reply to the post with "Looking for a ____ job" in the subject line and your interests/preferences (in jobs and in projects) in the body. People in charge of/volunteering for different projects can reply to this comment and try to 'recruit' you.

If you prefer to work with deadlines, please include an estimate of how quickly or slowly you are likely to work in the body of your comment, and I'll do my best to come up with something fair. I'm hoping the minimum will be something like one page a day, but I understand if other things come up (RL, CFUD, etc).

When you finish with what you've been assigned, pass it on to the next person in your group - by e-mail, uploading service, comment, whatever. You can even make a post about it here, though again I ask that you keep all downloadable media locked.

When your group finishes a chapter or an entire project, make a post with the finished product here (again, locked please). Posts to share at campersfuckoff are also encouraged, though I'm also willing to do monthly posts there with our releases instead/in addition. For sharing anywhere else, please check the guidelines.

After this post, when you want to start a new project, make a recruitment post in the comm with the same information listed above. Ditto if you are a new volunteer/want to volunteer for a new (to you) project. I'm unlikely to do another big recruitment/volunteering post unless we get a wave of new people or people finishing up/branching out at a given time.

And I think that's everything. Now, let's get these projects started!
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