Ten (counttosheep) wrote in cfud_scans,


I know the community's a little on the dead side and all, but I have a proposition of the secret ninja kind for everyone. Myself and a few other people are desperate to scanslate an awesome and amazing and maybe just a little appable series, but there's a slight problem. We need help.

We have raws for 8 volumes, two of which were picked up by other groups, then dropped. So basically we have 6 volumes to knock out! There's not a whole lot of cleaning work to be done, but we could probably use one other cleaner. We could also use another typesetter or two. But what we REALLY need is a team of translators that can handle a not-so-tough job (it's got furigana) and who have a bit of free time for the next month or so.

So! If you want to practice your Japanese skills and want THE UNDYING GRATITUDE of a small collection/harem of people, please consider helping us out. If you think you can knock out a script for even just a couple chapters--every little bit helps, comment here with your availability, how much you'd be willing to do, your contact info, and how many souls/kittens/porn you'd like in gratitude. I think we'll need a handful of translators (depending on how much each person thinks they can take), one or two editors, and another typesetter? Anybody more experienced with the running of this sort of thing would also be welcome to imbue us with their knowledge.

And for the record the name of the project/series is TOTALLY SUPER SECRET REALLY because I was told to say it was. But it's awesome and needs a lot more love. We promise you won't be disappointed.
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