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Sharing Guidelines and Proposed Project Guidelines

Sharing Guidelines
Going by the responses in the first post, the general consensus seems to be:
A) Licensed manga - Okay, especially if the official translators are doing a sucky job, but we should try to pick up where it hasn't yet been released, mostly in the interest of not making more work for ourselves.
B) Doujinshi - Okay with just about everyone. Some concern was expressed over the thoughts of the artists.
C) Manga that's being scanlated by another group - Okay in general, especially if the group in question is going too slowly or making too many mistakes.
D) Either of the first two in conjunction with the third - Also okay in general, though see previous answers for conditions/limitations.

After looking through all the responses, I decided to pull an executive decision and make sharing guidelines:
1) Please keep any files you are sharing under a lock, especially if you're sharing in a community. Personal journals I'm less concerned about, but do so at your own discretion.
A) Unlicensed and licensed manga that aren't being covered by another group are okay to share anywhere.
B) Doujinshi I'd prefer to keep within CFUD-related communities if at all possible. I won't be entirely surprised if it somehow all leaks out eventually, but I'd at least like to keep the pretext of respecting the original artists' wishes.
C) This is mostly circumstantial, so I'm going to do my best to compromise here:
* Whenever possible, I'd like to approach the first group about joint projects; if joint projects are accepted (or in the off-chance they decide to give us the project), they have the same guidelines as A.
* If the joint project proposal isn't accepted, but the group is okay with us working "parallel" to them, I'd say sharing anywhere is fine, but definitely keep posts locked, even on personal journals.
* If the group is not okay with either of these, use the same guidelines as B, except less "do your best not to share outside" and more "really really do your best not to share outside".
D) Scans of dubious origin I'd like to follow the second set of guidelines for C, with a note included that we don't know where the scans came from and would like to credit who made them, and will take them down if requested. Scans that the scanner is not comfortable being used for scanlations will either not be used at all, or be under the same constraints as the third option under C.

If anyone disagrees with any of this or has suggestions on ways to make it work better, talk to me and I'll do my best to work something out. Also, if anyone feels uncomfortable with someone else in the group working on something they don't agree with, even if they don't work on it themselves, let me know and I'll try to find a compromise of some sort. I want this to be a good experience for everyone involved.

Proposed Project Guidelines
First, current proposed projects, as collected from comments in the previous post(s):

Code Geass (Chinese scans available)
Tales of the Abyss
Ouran (Chinese scans available)
.hack//G.U.+ (currently being scanned?)
Onmyou Taisenki (eventually)
Rockman.EXE (if we can find scans)
Excel Saga
Nabari no Ou (unknown scanner)
Law of Ueki (if we can find scans)
Fake chapters + sequel (if we can find the latter)

I think this might work best under a volunteer oriented system, wherein you sign up to work on the projects you're interested in. There are two different ways I can see it working:

In either case, a volunteer sign-up post is made: in the more individual group oriented version, individuals reply to the post with the name of what they want to work on in the subject line (Title (+ fandom for doujin)), and mention what they have or can do and what they need in the body of the comment, as well as what sort of project it is (see A-D). People then reply to the comment with what they can do and what they would prefer to do. The groups then work out amongst themselves who gets what job and any other issues.

In the more "I assign you jobs" oriented system, I'll make a volunteer sign-up post, and then make comments with the project titles in the subject line and as much as I know about them in the body. People will reply to these comments with what they can do and what they would prefer to do. I'll make a post the next day (or as soon as I can) with who gets what job for which project. If we go with this one, I'll probably need to ask more about what you want to do and make a more detailed list.

In either case, I'm not going to stop you from signing up for whichever projects you want or as many projects as you want, but do keep your limits in mind (if you know them), as well as the limits of group size. If you don't know what you want to work on, I'd recommend you look for a project that has fewer people rather than one that has more. I'm also willing to approach scanlation groups about joint projects in either situation, though I certainly won't stop you if you want to approach them yourselves. It's perfectly acceptable to mix and match ideas from either option.

Posts will be made weekly (or as needed) to check after progress and generally remind people of their projects' existence.

If you have any ideas of how to improve the proposed system, or want to suggest a different system altogether that you think might work better, by all means let me know; I'm really new to this myself, and still not quite sure where to step in most cases ;) Hopefully I'll be able to get everything sorted out so we can start things up by the end of the week, knock on wood.

In fact, feedback of any sort is good, because that way I'll know that someone's actually reading this, but whatever.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to ask those of you with experience scanlating things if you have any tips or wisdom that you'd like to share, since I'm more or less making this up as I go along.

In addition, I'll have a number of art/photo editing programs up in a locked post shortly, for those of you who need or want one.
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On second glance, my Ouran scans are in Chinese.
Okay, reflecting the post to match reality :3 I know we've got at least one person who can translate Chinese out there, so hopefully they'll step up to one project or the other.
I think the individual group system sounds like it might work better? In any event, it'd make your job easier.
XD That's certainly true. I didn't want to dictate what everyone would do just so I would have less work, though, so maybe I'll try a mix of the two.
The one scanslation project I've worked on is one that more or less used the second approach -- I sent the guy running the project an e-mail saying I was interested and giving a sample of my work and he told me what I was doing. (The project was/is technically only doing one manga, but... it's Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which is four story arcs that don't necessarily have any sort of chronological order and are (were? I don't know whether they're all out now or not) being released simultaneously. So we have/had four different translators working on the different arcs as they came out.)

So... I'm used to the "you tell me what to do and I do it" method, but I wouldn't mind the more individual group-oriented approach, either. It might take longer to work things out, but it'd be a lot less work for any one person (i.e. you).

-- also, belatedly, I can provide scans of a Higurashi side story, Onisarashi, which my group isn't/wasn't planning on doing, if anyone other than me is interested. But I'm probably the only Higurashi fan here, so I don't know.
Less work for me is always good, and while this would mean different projects would probably end up with different dynamics, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. So right now I guess I'm leaning towards option two, with option one open for groups that would prefer an authority figure to point them where they're going.

I guess we'll see if anyone wants to? Whatever's fine with me.
I… might be able to help with the Ueki scans! Somehow I missed that you were looking. I think I still have some of the raws on my computer back from when I was buying 'em in Japanese and dl'ing the raws to icon from |Db They're not really high quality or anything, and I don't know what volumes, but. And Plus is unlicensed AND available raw if anyone's interested in that.

I'd be more interested in the first method due to my own flakiness, but I'll probably just bother you to put me in specific jobs if it's the second hur hur.
Really? Cool ♥ I... kinda tacked it on belatedly for my own selfish desires ^^a It was one of the first things that popped to mind when I was thinking of mangas that hadn't been scanlated yet and were CFUD-related, so. I know it's licensed, and I checked the first three out from the library to show support, but darnit Viz, I cannot get used to calling Kobasen "Mr. K" DD:

XD Okay, so that's two and a half votes for the first method. Also, you've just made me realize that I should probably do an equivalent volunteering post for people who don't know what they want to help with, the same way we have character whoring posts and beta whoring posts in CFO. So I think I'll do that now. Yay, ideas!
THIS IS ONLY somewhat related. But I was wondering if we should keep a running master list of request/wants and then so if people FIND any of the requests/wants already being scanlated then they can link to them?

Mmm, or a resources page for finding scanlated manga? Because I know a few times I've been ajksbdksabdka over finding scans for something in English and stumbled across them a week later, or a friend found them or whatnot.

Alsooooooooooooooooo. Does anyone do Korean? 'Cos the manwha loves you and I haet raws I can't read~
That's a pretty good idea, actually; I don't know how to go about setting it up at the moment - maybe another post and linking it in the userinfo or something, and I'd probably have to edit it frequently - but it would definitely be helpful.

As to a resources page, I usually just use the tags list at free_manga, even though it takes forever to load -_-a
I..... am not good at organizing, but like I said before, I'm really good with the photo editing, so. Hit me up? It'll be fun!
Right then, will do :3 I guess I'll just make another announcement on CFO when the volunteering post goes up or something.
Right then... I can provide scans of doujinshi for--I believe--two CFUD canons, one canon being Gundam Wing, and the other being Okage. If anybody wants to work on those...?
(The GW doujinshi are old old old, so... does anybody know if that would make a difference in how the artists felt? Reyrey?)

If I'm needed for something, I'm good for either method of assigning work, so long as I'm given a deadline (I work better when I'm told when it's due). XD;
I'm certainly interested in the Okage doujinshi, though I can't translate; so I guess we'll find out when I put up a volunteering post?

Gotcha; I'll do my best to work with that, and other people who prefer/need deadlines. I suppose calculating page-per-day limits would be best once I know what people are doing...
I believe wafflehouse was working on .hack//GU+ weren't they?
I have no idea myself actually, but I'll take a look into it? And there's always the joint project option if they are.


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