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cfud_scans's Journal

The CFUD Scanlation Project
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CFUD Scans: Dedicated to wiping out CFUD canon ignorance in our lifetime! ...Or at least to cheap scans.

cfud_scans is one of the many campfuckudie offshoot communities on LiveJournal, this one dedicated to wasting our time further with scanlation projects.

CFUD Scans is volunteer organized; there are no official staff members, and anyone is free to join or leave at any time. CFUD itself can be fairly time consuming, and many people associated with this community will tend to put it first.

Posts will be made weekly to check after scanlation progress; reports can be made by individuals in comments to these posts. Posts will be made more frequent upon need or request.

When you have finished with a whole 'section' of pages, a section being anything from half of a chapter to a whole book, make a post with the finished product in it so the person with the next job can pick it up and begin work. PLEASE LOCK ALL POSTS WITH DOWNLOADABLE MEDIA (e.g., comic scans, edited pages, etc). Text translations can remain unlocked.

Guidelines for sharing finished products can be found here. Please do not share unfinished products outside of this community!